How It All Began Hot Pottz our Story


Hot Pottz our Story

How it all Began – Hot Pottz Our Story.

What’s not to like about coffee and wine, and dressing up your dining room table, kitchen, patio or wherever you like to relax to enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine. This all began with an annual award ceremony presentation idea for our local theatre group’s production of The Pyjama Game, a coffee cafetiere cosy (which we now call snugs) in the design of pyjamas, a crazy idea but it was a success with everyone who received one!

From that idea, we have developed other templates to cater for the various sizes of cafetiere’s. We then discovered that a metallic reflective type wadding could also be used for keeping items cool, and the wine bottle snug was created!  Not only does it look more chic on the table, it does allow white wine in particular, which has a tendency to drip condensation down the bottle when removed from the fridge, to remain cool and the condensation is absorbed by the snug (that is if you can leave it on the table for that long!).


We are two sisters who have always sewn, painted, knitted and tried our hand at most things crafty. But sewing has been our passion since we were given an electric singer sewing machine which had a knee bar instead of a foot pedal by an elderly aunt as teenagers. It was fantastic, and we self taught our way through patterns and fabrics whenever we could afford to. We are inspired by everyday things, around our home, the garden ( a huge thank you to Sam for the lavender harvest this year), and from the fabrics we choose to work with. Our kitchen and dining rooms are adorned with colourful, chic, contemporary and useful snugs for almost any occasion that you could think of.


We hand sketch and draw all of our own artwork for the applique work, and then set about designing the snugs, and then the fun starts …….. which fabrics to use, this process takes the longest! We prefer to choose only 100% cotton materials, lining, interlining and threads wherever possible, because cotton is a natural fibre, which makes it ideal for insulation, and can also been machine washed. But there is such a fabulous selection of fabrics to choose from it is impossible not to deviate from this idea and use them either as embellishments or as complete designs.


We do not like to repeat the designs because fabric fashions change with the seasons, and can become discontinued, and this makes any purchase totally unique to you. Our artwork will be used in other colourways, and the closures may vary, and we like to colour co-ordinate as many different products as a length of fabric will allow. Nothing is wasted, and we will always try to use any scraps wherever we can.


coasters cafetiere covers
Pretty and Practical



lavender filled silk hearts
Embroidered Silk Hearts
cafetiere cover pink butterfly
Pink Flutterby
chrysanthemum bottle butler set
Chrysanthemum on Silk


We hope that you enjoy looking at some of the products from Hot POTTz Designs