Bottle Butlers

Keep your bottles cool……… We’ve designed these insulated bottle covers for keeping your mineral water or your wines cool. We liked them so much we decided to call them Bottle Butlers.

Bottle Butlers are designed for 75 cl Champagne, Prosecco and Wine Bottles, or 1 litre Mineral Water. The insulated inner interlining on both products will keep your Champagne, White Wine or Water cool and your Red Wine at an ambient temperature.

Bottle Butlers  absorb moisture that normally accumulates on the outside of a cold bottle and will collect any wine drips, no more water mark rings or wine stains left on your furniture! Simply chill your bottles as usual, pop on a Bottle Butler and serve at your table. Imagine how beautiful your bottles and table will look!

Champagne and Bottle Butlers have been designed to fit a standard 75cl bottle or a 1 litre Mineral Water Bottle.  The elastic loops will stretch to fit a larger bottle and to reduce the size for a Snug fit simply wind the loops around the button.
Please be advised that the bottles are for photographic demonstration purposes only and are not included in the purchase price.
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silver discs bottle butler
Silver Disc Bottle Butler

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Showing all 10 results